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Our Clients Say

We had set up a representative office for our project in Indonesia. One year ago I came to Indonesia and I felt pessimistic to run our project, but when I came to Fortice in Summitmas 2 and meet the staff, their staff are very helpful and cheerful.

Since I met with them, I feel enthusiastic and confident, and my project in Indonesia is growing and running well with Fortice team. We enjoyed their service, Fortice has provided us with the wide range of service with very high quality. We just signed my agreement with Fortice for one year ahead. We hope Fortice always on my side.

Kazumasa Taka
Sumiei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

"When I decided to relocate to Indonesia, I knew I needed to hit the ground running. I was able to do that with the help of Fortice’s professional support services. Their team gave me the assistance needed to quickly transition to a new market and they continue to accommodate my requests and meet the varied needs of my business. From the helpful staff to the outstanding location, I am pleased to have Fortice on my side."

Todd Woods
Managing Director
BleuTree Global, LLC

We had set up a project office at Fortice when we prepared our launch of our service. We enjoyed the convenience of one stop shopping for all our need. From setting up our phone line to providing stationary items, Fortice has provided us with the wide range of service with very high quality.

We were able to concentrate on our core duties while the friendly and attentive staff would take care of our day to day things you come appreciate when you are so busy!

Sadami Sugimoto
Business Development Manager
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd